Friday, October 8, 2010

She was just nasty!

Joe couldn't come as planne dfor the dinner with Mom last night. I do understand work and supporting his family comes first. I brought my friend Samantha along. There was a little more traffic going south on 50 than I expected so we were a few minutes late .
Beverly's mean spirit immediately started by telling Heather she didn't like what she was wearing and why was she wearing something so strange. Heather fought back the tears and she told your Grandma that it was the dress she wore in her cousins wedding and that she had gotten dressed up for her (meaning Grandma Carey). Sami and I told Heather to spin around so Mom could see how cool the skirt is....Mom smiled and stopped her nastiness UNTIL...
We got in the car and Mom started in on me... Why did I have her car? How she hates the prison, Why is she there etc. I went about 10 feet, stopped the car and informed my Mother that I was not going to listen to her attack me so she had 2 choices she could be nice to me or she could go back to her room.
She swore under breathe and said, "I guess I have no choice, I'll be nice." I realize she does not do this shit around my sons, or Rachel nor most other people BUT i seem to be fair game, this is why I am a wreck after most visits!
Rachel arrived a few minutes after we did to the diner.
Mom had a drink and for the next 90 minutes she just "looped" about a variety of subjects.
I saw her 2 times this week.. I am done for a few. I hope and pray her mental state which is like her Mother's during her Alzheimer's in NOT MY path!

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