Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My kids in Blogland

You know you think you know your children and you talk to them frequently but when you read their blogs it is like looking into their secret worlds. My middle son (33) and my oldest daughter (28) both are on facebook. I talk to them and see them but reading here in Blogland and how they view the world is different.
I don't comment on what they say and I am not even sure if they know I read their blogs.It is interesting how neither of them have mentioned their Grandma. Rachel has let me know how angry she is at her, and Stewart has lost all respect for her. Why? There is not enough room here in Blogland to explain and to be honest it is to painful. Her past behavior has shown its ugly face and because my children love me they get mad because of how she affects me.
That being said I really am no longer angry at her. Just hurt no that is not the word sad because there will be no mending of what went wrong, no I'm sorry for... no I appreciate....no I love you..no... you get the idea this Horrid horrid disease has taken away the chance to mend our numerous broken fences. That is where the tears come from the depth of my soul.


  1. My mother's and my relationship was also very strained and then she got sick and the hope of "mending fences" went away. The woman she is today, is not who I had issue with...soooo hard, and so sad. My thoughts go with you on this journey

  2. You're not alone. I also have lifelong issues with my Mom. They would've have been resolved if she didnt have alzheimers. Stupid alzheimers doesnt help anything.