Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sucker punched

        Late February I received a phone call from the nursing home. IT seems my mother was very agitated at being "lifted" into the wheel chair so she "cold cocked" the aide blacked her eye and sent her glasses off to hit the wall.
        The  call was to inform me that her doctor's, nursing staff as well as social worker held a "stat" meeting . IT was decided that this event was the "straw that broke the camels' back." Mom had to be moved into a more secured environment. The aides packed up her stuff and she was relocated to another wing of the home.
              To be honest I don't know if she will still be able to talk to the other ladies who were also nurses in the "hay days" but I don't think they will be on the same unit. IF my mother was to hit another patient there could be a law suit.
             Most likely she is .....hmmm I don't know .....
            I think I'll call on Monday and find out if she is isolated or still....
           It just hurts to know this has happened....her mother did something similar instead of hitting someone Grandma threw feces at my Dad and smeared herself and the walls....
             This disease brakes my heart  at what has become of my mother.
              Alzheimer's is Horrid!!!!


  1. I'm very sorry of what happened. Indeed, it's a truly terrifying disease. We all want to take care of our loved ones as best as we can, but sometimes, even that doesn't seem to be enough. Take care and have strength!

    Comfort Keepers of Sugar Land

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