Friday, May 25, 2012

Their loss...

Over the last several days 4 dears friends have had parents pass away. Two very suddenly with no history of major illness. Two whose parents had Alzheimer's, I have shared a few conversations with them about this Horrid disease. The truth of the matter is for them they will miss the fact that their Dads have left this world.They will hurt for what these last years were missing.There will be guilt for the relief of no longer having to deal with the Alzheimer's. I envy the latter...Forgive me God I want her to go home to you and my Dad! I want so much to only think of the good times. The rough times are not the first thing I remember any more. The Lord, time and distance have eased the pain and hurt. I hope and pray for my friends and all of us that with the passing of loved ones each of us will find comfort and peace.


  1. As I dragged myself by, I had another person tell me that I am lucky to still have my parents. I want to scream. I am NOT lucky to be headed towards another mental breakdown. In bed as my mother knocks at my door again, never letting me rest after taking my father out then taking her to crafts. you are voicing that which I feel.
    I barely have strength for tears- I would NEVER say someone is lucky to have their parents!!! what if they were/are abusive?!

    1. That "you are lucky you still have your parent alive" is such bull crap!! The responsibility that comes with having a parent with Alzheimer's is on going until they leave this planet.I am so sorry you are exhausted give yourself permission to scream and cry.Being able to find a nursing home for my mother was the best gift in the world. BUT even with her there I am still her POA and get phone calls about anything and everything that happens to her.I'd give you a hug if you were close. You can say what ever you want about this time of care taking because I DO understand.This BLOG is just for that purpose to allow each of us to tell how we feel to the depths of our souls. You are in my prayers, God Bless