Friday, June 28, 2013


2:15 pm on Thursday (6/27) Her doctor called, " Your Mom is resting, it is just  matter of hours maybe a few days."I called Rachel she got to my home quickly. Rachel, Heather and I headed for the nursing home stopping briefly to get yellow roses for Mommy.
        I was not prepared for how she would look. Her eyes all sunckin' in, her arms wrapped so her skin would not be damaged. Mom's breathing was so very labored, she stopped breathing several times. Long ago she signed off on "heroic measures"...which means no oxygen etc.
The nurses were so kind and we three sat and gently touched her face, spoke quietly and cried.
We stayed for a few hours, Mom did not show any signs of knowing who we were. We left after saying our good-byes.
         At midnight I called for an update she was resting and 8 am she has physically become rigid and her Social worker gently said she truly felt it would not be long.
          Here I sit making phone calls: the funeral home, the cemetery, County Social for medicaid, our Pastor. I just spoke with the Chaplain at the nursing home. My Mother was a Catholic in her early days. Last rites will be done at noon today..
        The end is in site and maybe just maybe there will be peace knowing she is with daddy and our Lord.. God Bless you all and thanks for reading.

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