Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mom is with our Lord and Daddy now.

          The last 48 hours have been full of emotions . I have driven to the nursing home 3 times. 2 with Rachel and Heather,  one with Brad and Heather.  The staff each time was sweet and gentle.     The 3rd time was to see her after she was"gone."
                   My Mom, Beverly S. Carey 4/22/1925 to 6/28/2013 may you RIP.
She left this planet shortly after she received her "Last rites."  I am not sure when we will have her services. The tears have been endless. I believe she is with our Lord and  my Daddy and that she no longer hurts. Her mind is once again sharp and her wit fine tuned. Her body moves with grace and she is smiling.
       We are left to pack up her belongings at the nursing home, I have numerous phone calls to make about her finances and who will pay for the  funeral fees.
      I am numb, sad, and yes also relieved. This blog is not over yet. I am sure other events will come up and need to be shared. For now I shall rest, God Bless you all.


  1. Thank you for keeping us in the loop, I just caught up.
    ((hugs))) for you. A bitter/sweet time with more work.
    Please tell us the things you have to do as far as informing SS ect. and how you do it.
    Everything you have had to do I have had to endure also, reading here
    has helped me feel less alone.

    1. Good morning Peaceful, It's been awhile.How have you been? It is so hard to imagine how fast time has gone and that my Mom will have been gone 1 year next month. Every once in a while I still get a letter about something the only really funny piece was from AZ. they wanted my Mom to serve on Jury Duty.....I called to explain and the poor lady I spoke with didn't know if she laugh or be sad for me. I think laughter was right. Take care of yourself and I hope your ok. The SS paperwork was easy the outstanding Bill for the nursing home took some time because all the money got pulled within 48 hours of her death. Because she died on the 28th and her checks were already in her account. But that worked out after a few letters and phone calls. There was no estate no money etc. But as I said in the last post. IT is all good now. Thanks to lots of Prayers and our Lord's goodness! God Bless you and let me know how you are doing. Jewels

  2. I am glad this has helped you and hopefully others. I'll let you know how the paperwork and phone calls pan out.