Sunday, November 23, 2014

Even Now

        I thought going to the grave site  a few months ago would put to rest the tears and the paperwork etc. I was wrong. The paperwork never stops the need for a copy of Mom's death certificate happens even now. Catalogs for Holiday shopping still arrive at my door for Mommy.
     The tears happen with every  major event.
     After 14 years and 2 tubal pregnancies. My middle son and his lovely wife adopted the most perfect baby boy ever. Gavin arrived March 30th. The first thought was to pick up the phone and call my parents. Heather got a lead in the drama club she sings and dances and is great. She is in Jazz band and Heather plays clarinet, alto sax and Baritone sax! My parents loved to dance to jazz bands in their "hay day!"Again no parents to call.
       My sweet husband is still have health issues and is not doing well. Oh how I wish I could here Daddy's voice and his calming words.
         My birthday came and went no pink roses and no birthday call. I am preparing for Thanksgiving,  Black Friday and Christmas too. The sweet memories fill my heart and mind.
Daddy has been gone over 5 years and Mommy a little over 1.
       Yep, Alzheimer's is still horrid;  it stole that last years of my relationship with Mom. But NOT having either of them here to see how great their grandchildren and great grandchildren are doing is even worse!
       The only peace comes from truly believing they are with our Lord and when I go I pass I'll see them again.
       May you all have a lovely holiday and I hope you have found peace.
      God Bless, Jewels


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