Tuesday, April 13, 2010

her birthday

April 22 nd will be Mother's first birthday without my Daddy in 50 years. Since she seems to be okay with my sons I am hoping they will meet me at the nursing home to take her out to lunch. It is odd not hearing form her or seeing her. But when she was in AZ. with Daddy it was him who I emailed every day and spoke with 3 times a week. My mother would get on the phone and say hi then hand it to Daddy.I would fly from NY to Az. about every 16 months and after just 3 days I was a wreck . Mother has always "torn" me apart verbally. This isn't to much different just Daddy's not around to run interference. I am finding that there are many others with parents, mostly Mom's , who have this horrid disease.
Joe said last visit Mother was "happy" and didn't cry. Her meds have been changed so maybe she will be okay with seeing me.... sigh

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