Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I miss her or

I miss who she was and I miss what I thought we would have at this point in life...Christmas will be here in afew months. Some stores already have decorations up. For me it is the one time of year that my memories are for the most part sweet.
The charge nurse left a voice mail on Saturday, Mom feel landed on her bum buck naked again. She has a bruise but is fine. I just spoke with the nursing home, I was told she is in her own little word and happy.
It is almost time for her quarterly review...IT will be interesting...I cry just thinking about how life is not as I had planned when it comes to Mom.
Every time I am out and I see women her age moving, driving, laughing, being with their families I fight back the tears.
My father-in -law passed away last month he was 92 if was quick. HE was a character and in his right mind until the end. Yep death is easier than this nasty disease.