Thursday, May 2, 2013

Direct deposit....

   Daddy was retired military. His SS was a breeze to transfer to Mom his Navy  pension  and his job retirement  took awhile. In time they both started arriving and was more or less just a small headache.
       BUT this silly monthly $90 widow's pension took  almost 3 years and was a real pain in the butt. NOW for the last 5 months each check comes with an insert to change from "snail mail" to direct deposit or else!
    Being a responsible person  I immediately in Jan. 2013 went to the website only to be "told" there was a problem . I had to contact another #. Which of course I did and after pushing all the right numbers was at last told there was a large volume of calls and my call would be answered in 45 minutes or more. Who has that kind of time to be on hold?!
       I hung up and over the last 5 months have called many random times. Yesterday  I hit pay dirt and got a charming woman. right away!  HOWEVER after 5 questions was told , " I'm so sorry Mrs. R you need to call....."
           It was already 5 pm EST.
         I called the new number today at 3 and to my amazement was only on hold for 12 minutes.  A gentleman named  Michael answered and was pleasant.  After 4 questions he informed me because I am Mom's  fiduciary agent I needed to download form SF1199A. I needed to fill my part out then have the bank do their part then fax it to PA.
         The form is not bad I had to print out 4 copies (VA copy, bank copy and my copy)  plus directions.
     My complaint since everything is by computer would it have been so difficult for the computer  to give me the proper insert 5 months ago with who and where ?
       Anyway , tomorrow I'll get the bank to do their part and I'll fax the VA copy with a cover letter  giving Daddy and Mom's personal information. Hopefully this will solve this problem.
      This is just a reminder to get our houses in order so we don't leave this kind of  mess for our kids.
       God Bless, Jewels