Saturday, January 19, 2013

Time for....

      The "LETTER" came yesterday. This meeting is called an "Interdisciplinary Care Plan Meeting, a review  for Beverly C." The first time I attended one of these I was very confused I thought my Mom had gotten into trouble. I am still not sure why this meeting is called this but I just go and hold my breathe.
       For those of you who have your loved one in a care facility you know about the annual review. You get a letter from the Nursing home signed  ( here in NY) by the Social Worker in charge of your loved one. The  appointment is for 1/2 hour, all the caretakers who tend your family member tell you how they are...REALLY!
       I am always amazed and how kind these individuals are to me. I cry almost immediately.
       Beverly's (my Mom) changes are discussed: weight, bathroom functions, eating, memory (or lack there of) anger issues, sleep, bruising, etc are discussed in detail.
          The one that always surprises me is the seems my mother the retired OR nurse who ALWAYS watched everything she put into her mouth has become very fond of salt and sugar. Someone told me that most Alzheimer's patients develop a taste for these two flavors. My Mom who until this disease took over NEVER weighed more that 118  now tops out at 178.
            My appointment for the 29th, I ask the kids to come they always have reason not to attend.  I go alone. SIGH...
           Sooner or later this will all be a bad memory. May you each find peace this new year. God Bless.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

another year

Hello, Nothing new to report just lots of paperwork to update and I have to re-certify my mother's finances for Medicaid. I hope your holidays had moments of peace and joy. I pray that knowing each of you are not alone helps in some small way. May you all  have a peaceful and Blessed 2013.