Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Last Friday I ordered flowers for Mom, she was 87 on the 22nd. The little flower shop I use is down the street from her nursing home. The arrangements they do are not only very pretty but affordable. I no longer sign our names to the card. I simply say, "You are loved." The nurses have told me she thinks they are from Daddy, that is fine with me. I no longer ask if the kids want to contribute,it is hard for them too. A good friend of mine has her mother living with her. Her Mom is about to turn 80 and has lived with my friend for 12 years. Ilene has some health issues but her mind is as sharp as a tack! MY friend, Deb,and her Mom fight all the time. When I stopped in Ilene and I spoke for a long time among the many topics. At one point Ilene told me how pretty she thought her daughter is and how much she appreciates all she does for her. I left after awhile and true to form cried all the way to my house. What I ( or any of us) would give to: A. have a conversation that made since, B. have loving kind words come out of our parents mouth, C. to know that the next time we visited they would remember what was said on the past visit. But alas that is no longer the case.