Wednesday, September 22, 2010


It's been 2 weeks and the Lord let me know it was a time to go visit Beverly. I DO NOT go alone , I picked up yellow roses (Mom's flower of choice) then Sami and off she and I went. When we arrived the sitting area was empty off we trotted to Mom's room. The nurse was giving her some meds.Each time I visit I swear she has aged 10 years. The first 20 minutes wee okay other than the loop...Mom must have asked Sami to sit down 15 times. Then she started in.....I held my tongue, prayed then looked at Sami, kissed Mom good bye and left.
Something about visiting her while in her very small room makes for bad visits. The suites are lovely however the resident must be able to do private pay 50% of the bill. The monthly cost for Baptist is $13,789.22. Had my parents made better choices she could have one of those rooms. There was no savings, no insurance and my mother was/is a chronic gamble and went through about $500,000 in 20 years. Anyway from her perspective her bedroom is a prison then gain on days like yesterday her anger over being there is pretty intense. Of course no matter what I know to be true I feel QUILTY!
That's why this blog is call Alzheimer's is horrid!

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