Friday, February 1, 2013

I attended

Oh sigh the review is never any emotions are not any different and my Mother's health continues to waste away.
I would love to say something profound here. YOU all know what I happened I walked in everyone said,  "Hi." Then each caretaker gave there report and when each one finished I cried a little more.
I brought up what the procedure is when my mother passes. The was rough. They all thanked me for being such a good daughter. I chocked up and left glad to be done with this for another year.
Now today I do the re-certification paperwork. Pay her monthly bills then get on with my life.
I wish I could sound more upbeat for you but this is the legasy theat Alzheimer's leaves all of us who have chosen to place our loved ones in a Nursing home. For those of you you maintain your family member in your own home I have much respect for each of you! I only lasted 6 months with Mom home.
May your day be calm and peaceful. God Bless.

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