Monday, June 24, 2013

Another passing

        One of the worst parts about Alzheimer's is not being able to share information that you know before the disease your loved one would want to know.
          My  mother married my biological father, Miguel,  in 1946  after several miscarriages she had me. Mom had lots of issues about my father being in the Military, in 1953 when I was 3 she divorced my father.
       She met the  man I grew to love and called Daddy  in 1961, he died almost 4 years ago.
       I only have 4  or 5 memories of Miguel, he was one of 16 children the surviving ones all except him reside in and around Santa Barbara.  I have always kept in touch with that side of the family.
          Over the years Mom would talk about him she said good things and bad but I believe she did love him once upon a time.
           I received a call late last night from my first cousin, Angie, Miguel had just passed away.
The emotions are many. He had pancreatic cancer, he faught a long battle but the disease won out.  He had been married to my step-mother for 58 years they have 5 children and numerous grandchildren.
          I am torn. Why him? Beverly is not even in this world any more she has no mind  to speak of and her body is breaking down daily. From what I know from my Aunts and cousins. Miguel's body was breaking BUT he was still sound of mind and his family gathered around him and helped him daily to live a rich live.
      I am in upstate NY the funeral is private in Virginia Beach. I'll send flowers. My parents are no longer here, I am an emotional orphan.
      I am glad I know the Lord, Psalm 27:10" When my father and mother forsake me,  then the Lord will take me up."

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