Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beverly's Birthday today

For as long as I can remember Daddy and I made sure one of us gave my mother yellow roses on her birthday. When I was very little we lived around the corner from a flower shop. I would take my change from soda cans and buy one yellow rose for Mom.
My sons have told me again my name brings out the worse in her.
I just called the nursing home and was told it would be better not to see her today. So why does that hurt so much? She has been a less than great parent all my life. She treats me like I have no value so why should I be in tears that she does not want a visit?
My lovely niece got married Saturday. Ryan, her new husband is great as are the members of his family. Sadly his 68 year old Dad has recently been diagnosed with this horrible disease. We spoke briefly about his Dad getting better and I had to tell him the honest truth that is is a one way path to hell.
Every time I have to deal with something to do with this disease and my mother my stomach hurts and I shake!
I guess that is why I call this blog, "Alzheimer's is HORRID!" because it is!

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