Friday, April 23, 2010

Praise The LORD!

IT took every bit of courage to drive to my mother's nursing home yesterday to celebrate her 85th birthday . I bought her yellow roses picked up a dear friend and off Debbie and went. We prayed in the parking lot that Mother would be in a good place to see me.
When we walked in the lobby I asked the receptionist to call Beverly's floor. She did. The nurses told her to send me up. The walk to the elevator and the ride up 2 floors had my stomach in knots.
When the elevator door opened I saw my Mom the same time she saw me. She jumped and "ran" ( as much as an 85 year old woman can) to me," hugged me, told me she loved and that she missed me. We spent the next hour holding hands and talking about silly things.
We kissed good bye and I told her I would be back the next week. I thanked the nurses for their care of my mother and they all had tears in their eyes.
The Lord really worked a miracle!
Just so you know I am well aware that this may or may NOT happen next time but for now I hold the visit close to my heart and Praise God for this gift!

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