Saturday, February 12, 2011


It used to make me angry that Daddy died and left me with this mess and the Mom with Alzheimer's. It doesn't now, it is just part of my life as long as she is alive and living in a nursing home.
The recertification is an annual thing apparently. It is the way medicaid makes sure we are not using the funds of our family members for our own benefit. IF money is directly deposited to a personal/ private account then paperwork is sent out on the anniversary of the persons arrival in the nursing home.
That would be matter how many times I call DFAS ( the military retirement from Daddy) or Ceridian ( for his pension after 30 years with them) both places have changed their policies. They will no longer send funds to private institutions. That makes no sense because each resistant has an escrow account to protect their money.
You know paper work and nursing homes and medicaid and taxes are a real pain.Why do we all do this stuff? Because it is what keeps our family members safe and sound. It can be annoying and will take time and a few calls and of course stamps.
The home called the other day Mom keeps falling and won't use a cane of a walker, she scratches her skin no matter how much lotion is applied. Most of her teeth are now gone and she refuses to go to the dentist. She is as stubborn as ever.
Oh yes, she still hates me.
Heather cries a lot about not having her grandparents. That is when I do get angry not at Mom but the disease that makes it emotionally unsafe for me to take her youngest grandchild for visits.
That is when I am reminded that, "Alzheimer's is HORRID!"

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