Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the quiet of the snow

It is quiet today, another 2 inches have dropped on the already 16 inches that are on the ground. Other than the occasional snowplow outside the world seems peaceful. Of course the fact the my phone was out of order for 36 hours helped the silence!
No school yesterday so Heather, my 4th grader, was thrilled to stay home and this morning she woke up "under the weather" so stayed home more less in bed for the day.
While Heather is doing her birthday party invites I decided to read the blogs of those of you who "follow" mine.
Each entry is similar in some ways . Love, devotion and tenederness fill many of the entries. Their is the common thread of heartbreak, frustration, sometimes anger and tears. There is also humor in many pieces I read.
Many of you have your parent near you or in your home others like myself have that parent in a Nursing home. Odd though no matter where the parent resides there is a tug that seems to shout," Is this the right way to take care of this family member. Am I a good daughter?" I know there are men out in blogland that are caretakers, my new son-in-law took care of his Mom for 4 years in her home. Every once in awhile Dan and I ask each other if the death bed promise to our Dad's affected the way we took/take care of our Mom's?
I haven't seen my mother since Dec. 23rd. I am not sure when I will go back for a visit. I was told by her caretakers that my visits disrupted her world for several days. Sigh... for now I am staying away.
Anyway, thank you all for sharing. I hope and pray 2011 brings peace not only to our parents with this nasty disease but to each of us. God Bless you all, Jewels


  1. Hi Jewels, Thanks for stopping by. Yes the yelling is hard. But Mom is past being able to reason with. I treat her like she's a mean dog, talk soft and move slow around her! Seriously. I was thankful for the 30 minute drive home to clear my head.
    I don't look forward to a "new year" in the same way.

  2. Debbie,I know that one. Her nursing home called last night. Mom feel again she refuses to use a walker. The charge nurse and I spoke for awhile. She told me it is best for now to continue to stay away.It is a mixed bag I feel I should be there weekly but the "abuse" from her wipes me out for days. So for now staying away is the best for both of us. Good luck Debbie! God Bless, Jewels