Saturday, May 28, 2011

no word

It has been very quiet here in blogland. No comments from anyone and not a whole lot of new posts. For me it is simply the rest of my life has been very very busy.
I have called the nursing home and left several messages with Mom's Social worker but she has not returned my calls. I would like to speak with my mother's psychiatrist that has not occurred.I am hanging on to "no news is good news".
There was Grandparents day at Heather's school the other day. My sweetie just cried knowing she has a Grandma 18 miles away but that that Grandma is not able to attend any functions. Heather knows it is the Alzheimer's sadly that does not make it easier for my 10 year old. Why would it? It doesn't make it easy for any of us grown-ups.
I had a dream about Mom passing the other night. It was very surreal, oddly I was very calm. I wonder if that is how it will be.
I hope you are all having good days with your loved ones.
Summer is almost here I wonder what that will bring.


  1. Our summer is here I think it is almost 90. But not complaining last week it was tornado, floods and more. I will take the heat. So sorry that grandma could not go to the school function. My son had no grandparents at grandparents day either. It is sad. Alz's sucks.

  2. Karen how old is your son? I think that is even harder than our relationship. My boys have great memories of their grandmother but Rachel and Heather aren't so lucky. Heather lost her other grandma last year she was the PERFECT grandma. Brad and I make sure we go to as many activities as possible but we are parents and not grandparents and that hole in Heather's world hurts.One of her best friend's grandmother died Christmas Day last year, Heather said death would be easier than Alzheimer's...she's right!