Monday, November 7, 2011

time heals...kinda

This year has been rough there have been several funerals, no births or weddings.WE have had broken feet booth Brad and Heather, walking pneumonia for me as well as an outbreak of shingles a few times. ear infections and now I have Mono...Let's not forget the Broken cars, loss of income.
Even if I had been in an emotional ok place to see my Mom my body has not been well enough. That being said...
I called the nursing home today and spoke to her case worker. Apparently she is fine she crochets non stop talks to the other retired nurses and is in her own little world.
I suppose I will some day accept the fact that my Norman Rockwell image will never happen. I so wanted it to work, I tried.
There are actually hours when I don't think of my mother then there are times when I cry and my heartbreaks a little more.
The women in our family live long, so who knows when the good Lord will call her home. Every time the phone rings late or early I hold my breathe...Because of the number of funeral we have been to I ponder hers. There is a chaplain at her nursing home, I suppose that would make the most since,having her buried in the family plot with her mother. hmmm...I wonder....

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