Monday, March 19, 2012

3 pairs...

I get a phone call Mom needs regular walking shoes for her physical therapy when it begins. I spend 2 hours and finally found the shoes she wore as a nurse for years and ordered them in black...I spent an extra $25 to have them arrive the next day. (total $94.14) They arrive at the nursing home the day she starts therapy, oops no longer an 8b. I get a call she needs the same in a wider size , another $97.14 , again on my charge card, also overnight delivery. The second pair arrive at the nursing home , they don't fit.
The online company email mailed a Fedx label ,so I didn't have to pay shipping. I drive down, pick up the 2 pair and mail them to Fedx. I will not be refunded the $50 spent so far to ship them to the nursing home.
The PT person wants her to have a Jogging type shoe extra wide toe box. I again call the online store ( , very nice and helpful) after several hours a pair with an extra extra wide shoe box that will ship overnight. This time they understand the problem and do NOT charge me the $25 to ship overnight.
Now it is Monday the shoes arrived Friday I have not heard anything. I think shoes must be okay must fit....WRONG!
I just called to be told by the charge nurse my mother REFUSES to even try the shoes on. The charge nurse says she will once more attempt to get my mother to wear them. If not she will box them up and give them to Anneka and I will return them to the company.
I am DONE! I just want to scream! I truly hate the disease Alzheimer's is not just Horrid it wipes out those of us who just want to help. Things that should be simple are anything BUT...because she is so far gone I am not able to take her out and to be honest am not emotionally equipped to do what can I do?? Cry.....and I am...pray, yep I do that to....cry some more...

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