Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hmmm another holiday...

This day in 1968 I married David. We had a big Catholic wedding with 5 bridesmaids, ring barer, flower girl, matron of honor best man and 350 guests. The marriage produced 3 wonderful children all grown all with their own lives. The marriage to David lasted 30 years. Rachel and I were on our own for 5 years , she was 15 when we split up.
 Then I married the love of my life Brad and adopted his daughter Heather who was barely 2. David is happy with his present wife and after years of not speaking I actually invited him and his wife to our daughter Rachel's 30 birthday party I am having on the 28th of this month.
WHAT does this have to do with Alzheimer's. It is a day that reminds me of how much I miss the good times. The family bar-b-ques, all the Holidays,  birthday parties,  plays and baseball games the kids were in, my parents came when they could.
Heather is in the summer production of "the Wiz" she is a Winkie and a Poppy.  Certainly not staring rolls but she is excited Daddy and MOm would have loved to see her onstatge. Rachel and her older brother Joe are racing with the their Dad in the "firecracker run" here in Saratoga NY. Then there is the family bbq and after a trip to see "Brave"in 3D.
There was a time when my parents would have moved mountains to attend all these events.
Yes, Mom and I had lots of issues; but the family gatherings; that is is where there was love and laughs and I miss those time.
I watched the last part of "THE NOTEBOOK" last night, I so wish that was our ending.
I hope and pray for all of us who live in the world  with someone we love who has Alzheimer's that today for awhile we can hold on to the good times and the happy memories.  Just maybe for a short time forget that Alzheimer's is Horrid.

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