Saturday, July 28, 2012

Does She remember????

    This time 3 years ago I was flying to Az. I had spoken to Daddy at the usual 5 am NY time we spoke for about 15 minutes. He told me he loved me and that he was tired.  Just before we said our goodbyes he once again asked me to promise to take care of Mom when he was gone. 19 hours later my mother called screaming into the phone that Daddy was dead. I had reservation to fly out August 17th. I called Southwest told them what happened and they changed my ticket immediately. I was at the airport  and on my way less than 2 hours after Mom called.
     This morning is the 3 year anniversary of my Daddy's passing. I sat at this computer and cried. Why him, why, my best friend, why the most honorable man in the world why, why, why???
       Then I wondered will Mom know what today is; will she review her life with this wonderful man who took such good care of us? And after I left home devoted himself 150 % to this woman who  Daddy loved her even though she was such high maintenance?
         I know the answer.  She no longer knows what day, what week  or what year. She doesn't remember me. So does she remember the "love of her life?" Most likely not... just another reason to hate Alzheimer's.
         But Daddy I remember you and I will honor those memories always. And even though I haven't seen Mom in a long time I am taking care of her and it hurts my heart to know she will never know that even after all the bad times; I do love her. After all I had you as an example. You came into our lives when I was 9 and showed me from the start that love has nothing to do with genes but with your heart. Thank you Daddy, I will always love you!

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