Saturday, August 25, 2012

Just wondering????

    I was re-reading some of my posts and then decided to go to that place in BLOG LAND where you can see how many people read what you write and where they all live.  It is interesting to know how many others can understand what this is like.
     My dear friend; Kris has a 96 yer old Dad who also has Alzheimer's only "Babe" his real name is Homer is so funny. He  talks about  how he won WWII as a pilot, or how he paid for this doctor or that doctor to go through medical school. Or that he designed that new building etc get the idea!
      Recently he told Kris that he had been going to Chicago on Southwest airlines and told the stewardess that they had over shot the airport. He then went into the cockpit and found the pilots had been shot and killed. Babe told Kris he sat down  and landed the plane safely. But before he could do that someone had to come and fix the bullet  holes in the window. Some one came in and fixed them  Babe commented on the neat way they spread some "goo" into the holes and they instantly mended themselves. The repair person said to Babe, "well, Sir you shouldn't be impressed you invented the product." The story was better hearing it from Kris first hand.
        In Babe's world he is the hero, the fixer, the all knowing, he on occasion remembers his 3 adult children. Kris is the middle child, she is the one who takes care of all of her father's needs. Her older brother and younger sister WILL NOT help in any way. Sadly that is not uncommon either.
     The point is some of you out there in Blog land do have family members with this horrid disease that are funny, smile and may even if for only a minute remember who you are to them.
     I only have Kris to hear that side of Alzheimer's.
    She and I have been best friends for almost 50 years. Our parents (her Mom is gone as is my Daddy)  have know each other the same length of time.  Who would have ever thought instead of playing cards together they would be in nursing homes on opposite sides of the country with the same disease and behaving like night and day.
      My thoughts are this, truly this disease is something to be taken one day at a time,  it will end. Whether there is any inner peace when the end comes I'll tell when I know. For now Mom is alive with most of her "lights" out and her body shutting down a little more each day.
     I shutter when the phone rings really late or very early. I can only pray when it is her time it will be gentle and peaceful.... and God forgive... sooner than later...

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