Saturday, August 11, 2012

Poor Joe, 2 grandma's down...

    My  Joe is the oldest of all the grandchildren at 43.
   David, my x-husband, has a 91 year old Mom, Betty, she just left Florida to live out the rest of her time with family here in the Northeast. She has recently developed ovarian and uterine cancer and to everyone's shock is having a complete hysterectomy on Tues. Will she even survive the surgery? Who knows?
        David wants all the kids to come to Ma. today to see his mother just in case she does not make it through surgery.  I certainly understand that BUT  Rachel and I will be leaving  to go for 6 days to Canada. Stewart lives in Buffalo NY  is going to law school.  Not only does he have no time; he and Carolyn are on a really tight budget and can't afford another trip out here right now.
          But Joe is here and has time,  he will be expected to go. I need Joe to be "on call" for my mother. 
        I know my son, he is responsible and loves these old women and David and I.  He would tell you he is not thrilled to be put in this position. BUT he will do what needs to be done.
          Joe was close to both his now deceased Grandfather's but not so with either Grandma.
          Here we have one 91 year old lady who from the neck up is "right on" and one 87 year old lady who from the neck down "is in ok shape."
          Between the Alzheimer's and the Cancer I wonder who will leave to go the Lord and a deceased husband first.?
          My point of all this is;  as horrible as Alzheimer's is losing possibly losing someone that has reached 91 to Cancer is just as HORRID.
       We pray that Betty lives through the surgery and reaches another birthday. As for Beverly each day is a struggle for me and the kids. Having a body that works okay but no mind is so difficult.
       Once again I turn this over to God.  I pray what ever HE does with these two Grandma's we the surviving family know it is HIS will and not ours.
        May you each find comfort in God and your loved ones...this is not a simple nor short path....

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