Monday, September 10, 2012

a book

The women on my mother's side have always been writers. My great grandmother Ella wrote for a little woman's magazine in the early 1900's. My mother wrote some shorts that were published in her local papers. My youngest, 11  1/2 year old,  Heather is already working on her first book. My sweet Rachel,  had her Master Thesis published and is working on her first book. 

As for me I have written all  my life and have been published in some local magazines. This blog even earned an award, "" 

 That being said, I am, with the help and proof reading by Rachel  putting this blog into book form. 
 I will wait until Mom goes to the Lord to actually publish the contents of this blog. This path is not over yet and I appreciate the many times you each have stopped your busy day to drop by and read my ramblings.  There will come a time when our  loved ones will no longer here. In the mean time I will continue to use this forum to gross, complain and of course cry.

Thank you so much I hope your path has moments of peace and quiet.


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