Friday, September 21, 2012

Such a gift....

   With my Mother being in a different "World" full time that leaves a big hole in my heart and life. As time moves forward the bad times, the mean words have been replaced with a few really sweet memories.
     God knows our hearts and fills our needs in ways that are a surprise. My friend Deb's mother has been not only a Grandma to Heather but a mother to me.
      Recently my Pastors mother-in-law has once again come out from AZ.  I can't tell you what there is about this lovely lady named, Betty; but, when I am around her  all I want to do is cry. Not sad tears but tears of deep love. She treats me as her daughter in the best of ways. We went to 5 Guys for lunch yesterday and spent 2 hours just talking. No topic was off limits and I felt not only feed physically but my soul and heart felt filled too.
     She returns to her home state Saturday I will miss her terribly! She is just a phone call, Facebook or snail mail away and there is comfort in knowing that she  truly loves me without judgement.
     She is NOT my mother. God has brought peace to my soul and sent fit to send 2 loving women into my physical life that help heal the deep hole left by Mother and her Alzheimer's.
      I hope you in Blogland have found peace through your faith whatever that may be and from someone to physically give you hugs and love to fill the hole this HORRID disease leaves.

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