Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a phone call

My dear friends mother is near the end. She has been in a nursing home for years. Two years ago Sammie's mother no longer recognized her. Last night she called , her mother was being rushed to the ER. Sammie was in tears when she called me because the truth of the matter is it would be so much easier if her Mother went to the Lord. MY sweet friend feels so guilty about feeling that way but she has been walking with her mother and Alzheimer's for 10 years. She tells me she is now numb their is no more hurt or even sadness. IT is truly a horrible disease!
Today 2 of my sons will take my mother out to lunch or dinner. It is hardest on the oldest, Joe was always close to his grandparents. For me it is just sad, she and I used to love to go out to lunch.
My oldest daughter is getting married in 5 months, I am having surgery next is continuing and she no longer can be a part of any of it. That feels so heavy on my heart. Her anger is more than I can deal with and the words are not a big deal on their own it is just so out of character for her. My heart aches.

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