Sunday, March 28, 2010


Brad decided to start going through the garage full of my parents stuff there are tons and tons of boxes. The first to go through was a box of photos that hung all over my parents house in AZ. Funny how when you look at what others save it seems like just maybe there was a time when all was well with everyone. Also I realize there are a lot more photos of Joe who is my oldest than any other person around, Stewart and Heather the middle and last not so much and Rachel the first girl a few more.
There were photo of mothers father, mother and her sister too, those are all sepia tone and very faded. There is one of my mother's mother, Nina, ( who also had Alzheimer's) that was "painted" over to be color, it is very pale now but the color is still there.
I guess I''l have one of the boys take a few of them down to her in the nursing home they might give her some comfort. Knowing that I can't just drop by and give her these is hard. These are little things but they make me so sad.
The boys (41 and 33) are having are hard time too. This is not the grandma that they knew but at least she is sweet to them. Joe says the "loop" of her conversations drives him crazy but he still sees her once or twice a week. She enjoys his visits the best he stays more than an hour each time. I think it is because Joe was little during her happiest time. It is sweet for her.
She apparently dismisses Carolyn and Stewart after about 20 minutes. They would go to see my parents in Az. about every 9 months because Carolyn's family is in the west. They saw Daddy and Mother 2 weeks before Daddy died. I think somewhere in her mind Mother knows that and doesn't want to remember.

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