Friday, March 26, 2010

The shock of Alzhimer's!

Why the blog? Maybe some one out in "blog land" has been down this path. It is rocky step messy and very hard. Alzheimer's is divided into levels she is 2 and almost 85 she is very healthy otherwise and could easily live to be 100. To watch this woman who was so active and alive disappear into a fog is beyond painful!
I have been using facebook for the last 8 months to chronicle the death of my Daddy and the craziness that my Mother has brought to my calm peaceful life!
My friends and family are trying hard to understand. What a surprise it was to go to close up my parents house in Az. and bring my 84 year old mother back to NY. Forget the financial disaster my wonderful Daddy left. Mother (Beverly) was in shock, of course, but all of us are in upstate NY so there was no alternative other than to bring her here with us. Us, being my wonderful husband, Brad, myself, the youngest of our 5 kids and only one left at home, Heather ( 9).
Within a few days I realized Mom truly did have Alzheimer's . Daddy had said she was having some "issues" BUT he forgot to say in our daily emails and every other day phone calls that my mother had moved into a different world mentally.
After 6 months of living with us. The disease began sucking of total every once of energy and being more and more mean 2 months ago today placing her in a nursing home was the only choice.It was not an easy thing to do. BUT my family was starting to fall apart. Alzheimer's is Horrid. I am not sure what it is like in the brain of one who has it but I know what hell it is for the family who has a member with he disease.
She has made it clear she hates me right now. Again it is the disease, it still hurts.
Heather has off today. Her other grandma passed away a month ago and she really wants to see my Mother. I am gathering 2 friends and we are bringing in goodies to her. I'll sit in the lobby while they visit. Will she even remember Heather? I have warned Heather she might not, will she remember the others with her who she met while living with me, who knows.
A few days ago I spoke with the charge nurse, Cindy, she has said that Mom is now hanging out in the "common" room and smiling and talking . Then a few times a day she clouds over cries and tells them all how horrible am to have done this to her and that my Daddy would be very angry.
I spoke with my Dad the day he died and his last words were to extract a promise that I would take care of Mom no matter what. I did and still am I have her POA. As any one knows that can be a pain especially regarding any finances.
I was inspired to do this after seeing "Julie and Julia". The Lord has been with me though this and sharing that might help others. Bottom line as I say on a regular basis Alzheimer's is horrid!
Say a pray cross your fingers, I'll let you know how the visit goes.

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