Saturday, May 1, 2010

cried in preop

Rotor cuff surgery is not major stuff Buy the healing can take 12 weeks. no driving for 4 weeks at least and this stupid black sling for at least 4 weeks. This was my 13th surgery. I cried while in pre-op...why? For the first time I have no parents to tell me it would be okay . No pink roses waiting for me when I woke signed, "Kid, we love you,get well soon, WCD." Death took Daddy 8 months ago and the Alzheimer's has it's horrible hold on Beverly.
I haven't seen my mother since the good visit on her birthday last month. I am afraid that it will be another nasty one.. So I am holding onto the sweetness of last time.
My son Stewart has decided to go to law school, he is almost 33, he has not been in college since he received his BS in 2000. He and Carolyn will be leaving the area I'll miss them and that will make Mom's world smaller, another loss. Joe and Stewart take her out to dinner every other week. It has become part of her routine. Maybe I'll go the summer.
I miss my parents mostly Daddy, having both parents a live at my age 59 was uncommon. Now wherever I go I run into someone else who has one deceased parent and one with Azheimer's. we are a growing number! and we all agree Alzheimer's is horrid!

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  1. I have a living parent, and a deceased one with AD, and I'm only 41. There are way too many of us out there. I've found that if I mention Alzheimer's to people, even strangers, almost everyone has a story. "My grandmother--my father--my neighbor--my husband's aunt" the stories begin, and they are all familiar.
    Keep up the good work. I added you to my blog roll.