Friday, May 11, 2012

more flowers

Just another reason for tears. I ordered flowers wrapped and tied with yellow ribbons. I thought all the way to the nursing home I would find the courage to hand them to Mom, myself. I didn't! I tried instead I handed them to the receptionist wished her a Happy Mother's Day and left. I hope you in blogland have better luck staying in touch than I do. Some how writing checks paying her bills, purchasing everything they say she needs, sending flowers frequently just doesn't seem enough. Forgive me for whining right at the moment I am feeling sorry for myself....and my Mother. Good night all, Happy mother's Day and God Bless!


  1. Mother's Day is not always an easy time and when you pile on everything that you are feeling it must seem overwhelming. I am so sorry that you are feeling such sadness but I sure do think you have every reason to be whining and feeling sorry for yourself and your mom. You blog title say's it all.. Alzheimer's is HORRID! Wishing you a day filled with some peace and gentleness. (((Jewels)))
    p.s. Maybe you need to be ordering some of those flowers for YOU!