Sunday, November 4, 2012

my birthday

         Halloween came and I had my 62nd birthday. All in all it was a lovely day; the kids, and friends all called, sent cards, silly presents,  Facebooked,  dropped by etc. Half way through the day however I curled up in a ball and sobbed in my husbands arms. Why? Well you can guess. I missed my parents I wondered if my mother remembered my birthday. I was born on her mother's birthday,  did she remember either one?
             Just as I was about to go to sleep my dear friend's 80 year old mother Eileen called, she sang happy birthday to me and I cried!!!!
              Is it worse when your parent is gone? Will I STILL CRY FOR WHAT MY MOM MISSES WHEN SHE IS WITH THE LORD?
            Then out of the blue in the mail on Saturday an envelope arrived from a new collection agency addressed to my mother. This company had purchased her debt from HSBC of 9 grand and wanted to be paid ASAP!   Now the phone calls have started again. I have explained until I am blue in the face that there is no money, that Daddy has been deceased for over 3 years and that my mother lives in a world that no one can get to anymore. I have sent copies of my POA and other  papers, I have gotten angry, I have cried. No matter who buys the contract they are simply out their $9 grand. Frankly at this point I really have nothing more I can do and no longer care.
         REMEMBER NEVER CALL your parent's creditors when there is a balance that can not be paid after they die or develop Alzheimer's. WHY? Because the creditors will never leave you alone.
         I hope you in blogland have found ways to cope with the "side bars" you know all the things that you would not think would come up once your loved one is no longer working with a full deck. This horrid disease plays havoc with our loved one who has the disease as well as those of us who do our best to take care of the many events that happen.
        Deep breathe and say a prayer. God Bless you all!!!!

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