Wednesday, November 3, 2010

my birthday

Sigh, it seems that these days the term "bitter sweet" applies to all events that once included my parents.
The sweet: My 60th party was full of 40 friends and family. Great music provided by a friend who is a musician, the best chocolate cake anyone has ever eaten. To my surprise lots of presents.My party was a wonderful success!
The bitter part: no call or flowers or card from my parents.
Now the next hurdle Thanksgiving...Odd they were in Arizona for 23 years and never flew out for any thing, Stewart and I were the ones who went west. So why should it break my heart that Mom is not going to be with us. We are (if all goes well with her) taking her out to dinner the weekend before Thanksgiving.Even though Christmas is less than 2 months away I can't even start to think of that holiday.
And just in case you were wondering there are still and will be until she passes; bills, phone calls and worries. All which I have to attend to frequently.
Since the retreat my heart and soul are more at peace. Thank you Lord!

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