Tuesday, December 7, 2010

catch up

Depending on which family member you speak with there is a different view of how my Mother handled Thanksgiving at Joe's house. Joe thought other than the driving; for him it meant a total of 4 hours on the road, IT was lovely. According to my newly married Rachel and her husband, Dan, Mom really didn't have a clue. The dinner at Joe's was with most of the family which included my x husband. Who she thinks I am still married to. Rachel and Dan said she was more childlike than ever.
Last week I spent 5 hours attempting to get the Veterans Widows' pension straightened out. We shall see if it is fixed.
To be honest I have had so much going on to get ready for Christmas and even more in my heart and soul I have not seen Mom in 3 weeks. I just can't get through the emotions.
Several of my friends lost a parent this year. Maybe that is because we are all getting older ourselves and our parents are pretty darn old!! Death is part of the whole picture. Funny thing is I am a Christian I should be at peace with death and what happens next. But the lose of loved ones is still very difficult.
In regards to my Mom it is worse watching her "melt" away is than her passing.
My heart aches...I know all of you have the same ache. I sometimes think death would be easier on some level. Alzheimer's just takes our parents a little at a time.

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