Thursday, December 9, 2010

a little humour

Rachel was available to go see Mom on Wednesday.I gathered some winter sweaters, a musical Christmas tree and other things. We met at the nursing home. Mom seemed happy to see us. I told her I was going to decorate her room and clean it out. She and Rachel stayed in the "common room". Boy what a collection of stuff to clean ; TV guides from 5 months ago envelopes with nothing in them etc etc....Mom keeps crocheting I keep taking the afghans and give them to different organizations.
As we were about to leave a rather attractive woman very well dressed walked up to Rachel and handed her a lovely off white coat in a cleaners bag. She told Rachel she wanted her to have it. Rachel just looked at me. I thought the woman was an employee....WRONG!
Cindy, the charge nurse, flew around the counter and grabbed the coat from Rachel and told the pretty lady(she is a patient not a staff person) she could not give her clothes away.Well as Rachel headed for the elevator my Mom, the lady and Cindy got into a yelling match about whether or not the lady could give her own coat to whomever she wanted too. We got in the elevator as the screaming escalated.
Half way home my cell phone rang it was Cindy she was afraid Rachel was embarrassed by the scene. I told her, " My mother is in a lock down unit with other people who are NOT quit "all there" so nothing would surprise us." I did call Rachel she was embarrassed not for herself but for her Grandma and the pretty lady.
Joe came over later and as I told him the story he told me that coat had been in Mom closet and she wore up to his house for thanksgiving. I wonder what Cindy will do if I tell her about the traveling coat?
Oh, other than the coat incident the visit was sweet.


  1. I have been there myself. I'm currently dealing with my mother with dementia, but 3 of grandparents had Alzheimer.

    The traveling items I think is normal. We labeled all the clothing with their names, and then their personal stuff - like glasses, etc. THEY still traveled and got lost! Heck in the TEETH of all things! (Gross right?)

    We ended up taking the valuable stuff home, because they tend to give it away. They stick it places and forget. Goodness knows what else.

    I just started writing as well:

    I had a giggle with your post. I can so relate!

  2. Hannah, Welcome to the world of blogland and the craziness of Alzheimer's. What I find the most interesting is how my adult children see their Grandmother.The girls and I have a totally different relationship. BUT my mother's history has always been focused on men..i was the after thought etc.
    As for the traveling items my favorite Mom story is when she called very angry to tell me housekeeping was still her panties.Needless to say I called the charge nurse, her case worker etc. Ordered more cotton incontinent panties at $10.00 a pair. A few days later when I got down there I found them all they were in all different drawers. Straightened them out labeled the drawers but they did not last. Sigh it sucks having a person with Alzheimer's. Every once in a while though something silly happens and we can breathe. merry Christmas and may 2011 give us and our family members with this horrid disease some peace.