Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa came to visit

Since seeing my mother alone dose not work I brought an army this time. My husband, Sami the wife of Santa and my friend Heather and 3 of her friends. The girls had been at my house all afternoon baking. Then our surprise visitor arrived. After he talked to all the girls I asked if he would come with us to Baptist. I called them to make sure Santa would be welcome, they were thrilled. Off we went in 2 cars and arrived. Mother flirted with Santa, then asked who he was I told her Santa. True to form Mom was rude to Brad, ignored Heather and as soon as she had me alone attacked. Before we left I spoke to the charge nurse who informed me mother had been in bed all week and when My name came up she said, " I want to strangle her" So needless to say the boys can have Mom up for Christmas. I will not be joining them! She wins again! Yes I know it is the disease but it still gets to me. I gave her her gifts, kissed her on the ckeck and left. I hope you all have better luck with your relatives! Merry Christmas!

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