Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rachel's take on the crazy coat lady

My daughter Rachel posted this version on facebook...pretty funny...
It went something like this:
Old Lady #2 says to Old Lady #1 (my grandmother) "Is this the girl?" Old Lady #1- "It is."
Old Lady #2 tells me to follow her, which I do.
Old Lady #2 shoves an ankle length white winter coat at me and tells me ...she wants me to have it. I protest. She won't hear of it. I decide to thank her, take it, and then double back and return it to the nurses. I walk back down the hall and say goodbye to Old Lady#1. Crazy Nurse jumps out from behind the desk, grabs the coat, and yells "You can't take that coat!"
Old Lady #2 shouts "It's mine and I can give it to whoever I want!" Old Lady #1 says "You can't tell her what to do!"
Crazy Nurse shouts, "No! Because then the coat won't be in your closet and you won't remember and you'll say someone stole it!"
Insanity ensues. Mum and I quietly exit via the nearest elevator. Fifteen minutes later Mum gets a call that Old Ladies 1 & 2 resorted to fisticuffs, infuriated that Crazy Nurse had embarrassed me.
So even in a lock down unit and a well thought of nursing home Alzheiemer's patients can still make us laugh....kinda

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