Sunday, December 19, 2010

Heather's virus

Stewart called yesterday he and his wife will be traveling in from Buffalo to stay with us Christmas eve and Christmas Day.It is a 5 -6 hour drive so even though Joe our oldest has assigned Stewart the job of bring Mom up to Joe's' house Christmas day Stewart feel he is doing enough driving.I would rather no one bring Mom to Joe's and it just be "the kids" and us. Rachel and Heather agree with me.
I have been praying how to handle this and doing my best to give it to God and NOT take it back.
Heather woke up at midnight and has been vomiting every hour since then. Her friend at school got this 24 hour bug on Wednesday. And as bad as this may sound if Brad or I get this we will have to stay home Christmas. I would miss the kids.
My plan is to take Mom her I really don't have a clue how this week will play out.
Brad has term for this kind of confusion he calls it " the speed bumps of life" that fits this for me...


  1. I'm also trying to decide about Mom and the holidays. We're all going to my neice's on C'mas Eve. I can't decide if I want to have Mom and Dad out C'mas Day. A 30 minute drive for them (Mom doesnt travel well) then the little bit of time they'll stay she will be worrying herself sick over the cat at home.
    I think everything will be last minute decisions. Holidays are stressful enough without Alzheimers!

  2. Boy do yo have that right. SOOOO I have been praying and have decided I am taking Mom's presents down on Thursday morning. My friend Sami will come too. She is a buffer. Rachel does not want to deal with Mom on Christmas day so she has invited us to her home. Joe is not thrilled but I told him how Rachel, Heather and I feel and also that I would not make him choose between his Grandma and me... Let's see what 2011 brings. Merry Christmas